Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tsourmases Invade SW Florida !!

We had a great visit this past week and a half - The Tsourmas Gang came down to Lighthouse Bay for some R&R. Barb and I were sooo impresed with the great job John and Caroline have done with these boys. We are seriously considering a custody battle to keep them down here! Believe you me we are going to see some great things from these boys.

Barb and I were reminded once again how lucky we all are to have such a close and loving extended family. And all of you "youngsters" get to see each other at the cousins Reunion
- keep it up and keep our family bonds strong.

We're here! John & Caroline - with twins, Alex and Peter,- and Chris, get a warm welcome from Aunt Barbara and Uncle George.

Aunt Katherine, your condo is beautiful. Yes, we wrote in your Guest Book.

The Beach! We love Marco Island even in the busy winter season.

Psst, guys, forget the digging. Hey chicks want some of my beer??

Brotherly Love?? Does Chris know the tide's coming in?

John and Caroline, soakin' in the Florida sun
- and lovin' it. Hey, can't go back without a great tan.

Our final beautiful Florida Sunset Says "come back again".


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zito e Ellatha!

Happy Greek Independence Day.

That's Dr. Karounos up there, aka Uncle Mike, in 1962.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy "early" St. Patty's Day

Some new pictures of the kids with Nouna, Nouno, Katie and Daddy......we miss all of you!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

March 4th will mark 61 years since we landed at Ellis Island and came to this wonderful country. Yiayia Katerina's sister, Yiayia Pauline Genlakos had to sponsor us so that we could come.

In 1947 times were tough in America but Yiayia Pauline's family share what little they had with us. Dick Titone (married to Dee Genlakos) drove from Massachussetts to New York to pick us up and take us to Lowell, Mass.

Well, Joy of Joys, Dick's daughters - my dear cousins, Annie, Donna and Paula, drove down from Largo and St. Petersburg to visit with us and see Yiayia Eleni. Needless to say, we had a great time

Yiayia and her girls at Naples Pier. Bundle up Yiayia! Yes, it plummeted to 65 degrees. Brrrrr

Jodi and Aaron came directly from Ft. Myers airport to meet the cousins. Eric and Ted came later for the big dinner at Barbara's trapezzi of Pastitsio, lamb, baked ham, home-made yogurt, yalatobouriko, etc. The girls said all the food Yiayia and Pat and Katherine cooked reminded them of their Yiayia.

Paula, Annie and Donna (left to right) with Yiayia - that Greek/Italian mixture sure makes for beautiful women.

Here's a Group Hug even Aaron had to get into -he just wouldn't leave "Yiayia Pancake's" side.

Next we're going to take Yiayia up to Clearwater to see all of her dear friends - and the "group hugs" get furiouser and furiouser.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yesterday was Michael's Birthday, to celebrate, the Palms West Chamber of Commerce threw a huge land and sea festival...okay, so it was just a coincidence. There are festivals every weekend in Florida. Anyway, now that I can post, I will be sharing photos of all the strange and unusual things we find down here in the Palm Beaches.

This is supposedly a species of Sand Hill Crane only found in Florida. I always see them in pairs. Sometimes you'll spy them just on the side of the road near a Walgreens.

This is a beautiful Harley Trike. Loved the Chrome Spinners

This is a very rare amphibious car. I have actually seen two of these in our area. I believe there is only about 600 of the original 3,000 made.

This is Zachary wearing a firemans hat over a Statue of Liberty head band.

And here are my three favorite Guys.