Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ship Ahoy!!!

After two long years of training and preparation, Auntie Katherine (Mom), finally made it onto the treacherous seas of Lighthouse Bay, in Bonita Springs, Florida. The photos come courtesy of Uncle George, who lacked confidence in the sea-worthiness of both the vessel and the crew. 

After running aground on a sandbar (see Mom's face), it seems that Uncle George may have been right. Whatever the case is, we had fun and don't need to workout for another month....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alexis and Petunia Bear - 1st Grade

Alexis has a project for School, and she wanted to share it with all of you. You see, Petunia Bear came home with Lexi, and they had to spend some quality time together.

Alexis asked us to capture some special moments with Petunia.

She took Petunia Bear for a bike ride, and she wore her helmet just to be safe. California laws say it is okay for a Tedi Bear not to wear a helmet, but this year, I hear that Prop 9 will be changing that. Too many Tedi Bears have been hurt.

They cooked Fried Chicken together right out of her Nintendo DS Personal Trainer Cooking. First they needed the ingredients. It was Yummy!

Petunia Bear loved listening to Lexi play piano.

Before they went to bed, they had a game of Chess (Lexi calls it Chest). She could not believe she was losing to a bear. "Who knew that Petunia was such a Chest Master," said Lexi.

Then it was time for bed. They had a great weekend.
Alexis has a message for all of you in the video below.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Here are a few pictures for all of you to enjoy....Christmas came and went and with that comes the new year. God Bless all of you in 2009 and always....