Friday, February 29, 2008

Lovely Shade of Blue, it matches his eyes

So you can see that Nick is doing fine, here is a photo. About 10 minutes ago, he lost a molar in a unrelated incident. The novelty has already worn off already and he is complaining he wants to get the cast removed. My camera died before I could photograph the small road rash on the side of his nose. But I will say, whilst at the doctor's yesterday morning, I did pick a small piece of asphalt from under his eye.

Nicholas's Radial Fracture

Every morning, I walk outside with Nicholas as he rides his bike to the bus stop. I stand in the driveway, wish him well, and then return inside where Zachary is still sleeping. Yesterday, I turned to walk inside and heard a crash and a scream. I turn to see Nicholas face down on the pavement, tangled in his bicycle. After running a quarter mile in 1.5 seconds, I started to gently untangle his legs from his bike. He says, “I broke my wrist”… followed by “my nose is bleeding.” His 60lb backpack smacked the back of his head and smashed his face into the pavement. I could already see swelling in his arm and hand, but fearfully looked at his face. He apparently was smacked down on the pavement with a “pig nose,” fattened his upper lip and created a slight bruising along the bridge of his nose. The pediatrician couldn’t get us into the Orthopedic until this morning. X-rays proved my son’s future in medicine. As he diagnosed, his wrist was broken. The beautiful face is fine and the cast will be off in 5 weeks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Consumer Watchdog website - Cosmetics


Skin Deep is an online database and consumer watchdog group that rates the safety of cosmetic products.

I was shocked to see that Carmex was in the hazardous range with a score of 7 and the Olay moisturizer I use borders on hazardous with a score of 6. I threw both of these products in the garbage last night. The site rates hair color, oral care, cosmetics, baby products and skin products including sun blocks – which are not as healthy as you may think.

The site is pretty user-friendly, you can type in the name of your products and look at the scores. It will also be a good tool to find replacement products for hazardous ones you may be using now. Many products contain lead, mercury/thimerosal, phenol, and even placenta!

From their website:

"At first blush it may seem that mascara and shaving cream have little relevance to the broader world of environmental health. Think again. In August 2005, when scientists published a study finding a relationship between plasticizers called phthalates and feminization of U.S. male babies, they named fragrance as a possible culprit. When estrogenic industrial chemicals called parabens were found in human breast tumor tissue earlier this year, researchers questioned if deodorant was the source. And when studies show, again and again, that hormone systems in wildlife are thrown in disarray by common water pollutants, once again the list of culprits include personal care products, rinsing down drains and into rivers."

Even if you don’t have the time or interest to peruse the whole site, at the very least go to this “What Not to Buy” page:

Here's a short video about what the ingredient "fragrance" can mean.

Their methodology is detailed on the site. Their approach seems objective and scientific. It looks legit.

Healthy is beautiful. Yia sas.

Love, Cheryl

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ahoy You Northerners!!

Yiayia, Katherine, and Pat landed at Ft. Myers Airport and took Bonita Springs by storm. We rented a big pontoon boat and headed up Estero Bay from Bonita Beach to Ft. Myers. There were 10 of us on the voyage with faithful Kayla, the White Westie, protecting us. We saw dolphins, manatees and many, many birds.
Stocking up on provisions at the Parakeet Key Tavern - for that long voyage.
We're headed to our fine ship. Notice George's healing knee - a little sympathy please.
Cap'n Mike runs a tight ship! He takes her out into Estero Bay.
Cruising around Ft. Myers Bridge - dolphins were playing under the bridge.
Safety in the Sun for Yiayia - what a rakish angle to that hat!!
Marooned on a Deserted Isle?? No, just going ashore for a little Beach Fun.

Who you calling a "Birdbrain"
Kayla mutinies and tries to take over the ship!!!!!

Katherine brings us safely to dock - then it was home for all the tired sailors.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My two little "girls"....

Years from now I am sure Chris will hate me for these pics..but for now they were too funny not to share. Every time I do Dina's hair in pretty bows, etc. he wants me to do his hair too......well...this time I did...and we all laughed "at him"...I mean.."with him"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today was the 9th Annual Everglades Day at our local wildlife refuge. It was beautiful most of the day, mid 80's and started to rain just as we left. We saw handlers with skunks and opossom and birds of prey, but also saw some real wildlife as seen in these photos.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Up to now, we've only had 11 minutes of sunshine this month, no, seriously!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Popou Operation

Dad's surgery went fine -- he's on his way home to sleep off the anesthesia.

Today is Popou George's outpatient surgery. Prayers are welcomed. He goes in at 11:45. I will update you once I hear from my mom.