Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Consumer Watchdog website - Cosmetics


Skin Deep is an online database and consumer watchdog group that rates the safety of cosmetic products.

I was shocked to see that Carmex was in the hazardous range with a score of 7 and the Olay moisturizer I use borders on hazardous with a score of 6. I threw both of these products in the garbage last night. The site rates hair color, oral care, cosmetics, baby products and skin products including sun blocks – which are not as healthy as you may think.

The site is pretty user-friendly, you can type in the name of your products and look at the scores. It will also be a good tool to find replacement products for hazardous ones you may be using now. Many products contain lead, mercury/thimerosal, phenol, and even placenta!

From their website:

"At first blush it may seem that mascara and shaving cream have little relevance to the broader world of environmental health. Think again. In August 2005, when scientists published a study finding a relationship between plasticizers called phthalates and feminization of U.S. male babies, they named fragrance as a possible culprit. When estrogenic industrial chemicals called parabens were found in human breast tumor tissue earlier this year, researchers questioned if deodorant was the source. And when studies show, again and again, that hormone systems in wildlife are thrown in disarray by common water pollutants, once again the list of culprits include personal care products, rinsing down drains and into rivers."

Even if you don’t have the time or interest to peruse the whole site, at the very least go to this “What Not to Buy” page:

Here's a short video about what the ingredient "fragrance" can mean.

Their methodology is detailed on the site. Their approach seems objective and scientific. It looks legit.

Healthy is beautiful. Yia sas.

Love, Cheryl