Friday, February 29, 2008

Lovely Shade of Blue, it matches his eyes

So you can see that Nick is doing fine, here is a photo. About 10 minutes ago, he lost a molar in a unrelated incident. The novelty has already worn off already and he is complaining he wants to get the cast removed. My camera died before I could photograph the small road rash on the side of his nose. But I will say, whilst at the doctor's yesterday morning, I did pick a small piece of asphalt from under his eye.


Tula said...

Poor baby, hope you're feeling better soon!

Dorie said...

Feel better soon Nick! We wish we were there to sign your cast.
What a bummer!
Hollyn and Alexis,
Auntie Dorie,
Uncle Tom

angella said...

Oh man Nick..that stinks!!! Hope you feel better really soon.