Thursday, May 24, 2007

Its official - The Gorski's will be Hoosiers as of July

Hello everyone. I just wanted to tell the family about our up coming move to Dyer, Indiana. We are closing on the house July 16. It is such a nice house, we cannot wait to move in and have you all over (at some point) I just want to thank my Mom for her words of encouragement when I was down and thought our house would not sell. She was right, it did. (Thanks also go to a little helper, our beloved St. Joseph buried in my rose garden) Also for all the young strapping lads of our family - if you want to come by and help us move that weekend, I can promise you good food and drink. We are in desperate need of able bodied movers.

Here is a picture of our house-to-be. A'int it a beaut.2824 Donnet
Dyer, Indiana 46311

Love, Tam


Tula said...

Tam, it is a gorgeous house! I just can't wait to see far is Dyer from Orland ;)

Art said...

Tam, the house is awesome. I wish you many great years there. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be available or even in town at that time, but if I can, I'll try to help out.

Tamra said...

Tula, Dyer is about 35mins from Orland. Providing you can get out of Orland with all the traffic. You would take I80 to 394 south to Route 30 east to Hart St south to 77th ave east to Howard Castle St left to Donnet left to 2824. You can also take Route 30 all the way to Hart and follow the rest of the directions.

Dorie said...

Tammy: It is something out of a movie. Can't wait to see the inside. Looks so big. Hope you don't have to clean it all by yourself. Love Auntie Barbara