Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Happy Couple - 42 Years Later

To all of our wonderful extended family out there - we love you.
June 27th, 1965 - a memorable day for Barbara and me as we began our life together.
Remember Papou Mike and Yiayia Katerina?

Our family grew and we traveled around quite a bit!

We gained 2 sons and a daughter - and 6 beautiful grandchildren (we'll never catch Yiayia)

Now we're enjoying retirement in sunny Florida - still very much in love!

So.... when y'all comin' down??


Tula said...

Beautiful, beautiful! God has greatly blessed you both. Congratulations on your Anniversary and many more years filled with love and happiness! We love you both very much......and we will see you in a month!

debbi crane said...

Happy Anny, you two. Cheryl sent me over to check out her hairdo.

Cheryl Prater said...

Amazing you waited so long to have me seeing as I'm only 29 and your anniversary is all about me, afterall.

Brogato said...

What great memories and how special to still be so much in love. Happy anniversary and I hope you have 42 more wonderful years, if that's possible. See you at Christmastime xoxoxo

Art said...

Big Congratulations to a fantastic Aunt and Uncle. Wishing you 42 more! Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Yassou Theo Georgio and his lovely bride! I feel like I can call you "Theo" as Cheryl has made me an honorary member of your family.

(Vintage) Cate Prato

Dorie said...

Happy Anniversary!! We love you,
Tom and Dorie