Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spinning: not my cup o' tea

It was record cold in Orlando on Wednesday: 27 degrees. We cut our trip short by two days. So crowded too, only rode four rides all day. Note to self: no more holiday Disney trips, next time we'll pull the boys out of school. I hear mid October is a great time to go.

The week we spent with Nana and Popou was great: weather, fun and company. Back home now, back to work and school and the routine. Packing up the Christmas decorations and bracing myself for Monday. Love to all in the new year. Cheryl


GeorgiePorgie said...

I got dizzy just watching the video - that Flip is really neat. Now to decompress and get back to Life as we know it....

Tula said...

The castle looks gorgeous, I can't believe it was so cold, bummer. We were just saying we should go for New Year's next year but now I think we will re-think that plan.