Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Rocks

As you all may know, we just bought a house. It is a nice little Ranch in Elk Grove, CA.

We love it.
Unfortunately, the previous owner could not afford a lawn in the back yard, and he put in rocks...

We are talking about A LOT of rocks. 1100 sq ft. - 11 tons.

Dorie and I were going to work this weekend to move some of it around the yard so we could put in a lawn, but we did not know what to do with all the extra rocks.

So...I put an ad on "FREE GRAVEL". Within 20 minutes, the phone started ringing. Within 2 hours people showed up.

As of today, my yard looks like this:

Not bad considering I was just quoted $500 to just pile it up out front, and I was responsible for getting rid of it. They are still out there cleaning out the rest of the gravel.

I am now going to post an ad: "Need to put down Sod - FREE BEER."

All in a days "getting out of" work,



GeorgiePorgie said...

FREE BEER!?! F R E E B E E R ??!!
We're there. Make mine Beck lite. Mom wants the heavy-duty Budweiser.

Had you been involved in the oringinal "Manhattan Transfer" we could have bought it for 10 beads.


Dorie said...

I had no idea that the Manhattan Tranfer had so many hits in 1626. Were they all Dutch?

kimberbopper said...

Just wondering if you check the green cards?

Tula said...

great idea putting that on craigslist! Enjoy your new space.