Friday, June 13, 2008

Spider Stories

Hello, this is Hollyn. I just wanted to post on what happened in my bed two nights ago.

I was lying in my bed, perfectly calm. I was about to drift off to sleep, when pop! I was wide awake. Something had just landed on my hand, and scurried in front of me. Whatever it was, it was definitely alive. I was not dreaming. I had felt it. I turned my book light on. There it was, a rather large spider. So large, in fact, it looked like(in size) a baby tarantula. It scurried behind my picture frame.

I was so alarmed, nearly dumbstruck. I did not scream. I ran out of my room, into the backyard were my parents were. They looked at me. "What is it?" Mommy asked. "Th-There is s-something in my room I-I d-don't know what it is I think it's a tarantula,"I stuttered. "It landed on my hand and scurried off. Th-Then it hid behind my picture frame." Daddy got up and headed toward my room. Mommy did the same. I followed behind them.

When we got into my room, Daddy looked behind the frame and announced,"Whoa. I can see why Hollyn was scared. It's a Wolf Spider! Oops." He had knocked the frame over on top of the spider(purposely. He just said oops). At that moment, Pepper entered the room and licked my toes. I was very jumpy at the moment, so it nearly startled the stars out of me(before I realized what it was). "Is a Wolf Spider poisonous?" I asked. "Well, let's go look that up. Google!" Daddy said.

While we were at the computer, we got to a page that showed(in illustrations and words about spiders)all about spiders. "Hang on a second," Daddy said. "It shows a Grass Spider and a Wolf Spider. The thing I killed looked more like a Grass Spider." And a Grass Spider it was. The caption about a grass spider said that a grass spider is non-aggressive and not deadly. It also said that it is poisonous but not fatal. I was not yet fully convinced. After that, my dad reassured me and showed me the top poisonous creatures list. The Grass Spider didn't make it there. I felt safe and convinced after that. What a time I had!

Well, that's all I have to say. My dad told me later about a story with a California King Snake wrapped around someones leg. Just to reassure you, that story had a happily ever after, and the person lived. But I realized then, I'd rather have a spider land on my hand and scurry off than a snake wrapped around my leg. Also, here's a picture of what the spider somewhat looked like:


GeorgiePorgie said...

I love your story. I felt that I was experiencing it with you. Ugh, I hate spiders and they better stay away from my girls. Love you tooooo much Nana

Cheryl Prater said...

That story gives me the creepy crawlies! Were your spidy senses tingling? Love, Auntie Cher

Dorie said...
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Dorie said...

Hollyn wanted to write her own blog - she typed this herself.

We are very proud of her - and her bravery!

Tula said...

Oh poor Hollyn, that sure is disgutsing! Have mommy and Daddy call the Orkin man!

angella said...

YUCK!!! What a story...we are so glad he didn't bite you...I hate spiders!!! Miss you guys

Anonymous said...

After a run in with 3 more spiders - the Orkin man is on his way. However, we have discovered it is NOT a grass spider. AHHHHH - It's a Wolf spider like I originally thought.


Brogato Family said...

OK..wait a minute! How old is she? Who writes a story like that at her age.....I see her following in someone's writing skills ... perhaps the "Auntie(s) Cheryl & Kimmy.

She should hand that in for a school paper.

She sounds like she's in high school.

We miss you guys.... Love The Brogato's