Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oh my goodness!!! Where is everybody? No action on the blog since my last entry?!?

Well, Florence, Michael, and I made it back safe and sound and I want to share our adventures in Greece and Crete with all of you. Yiayia is great and put us through our paces as she paraded us before all her friends in the village.

First of all, I’ve got to tell you what a great time Florence, Michael, and I had in Athens and the village. We thoroughly enjoyed being together for this length of time and had each other laughing round the clock.

We took side trips to Corinth and visited Dean and Voula Galanis; up the mountains to the quaint village of Kosma; took the boat trip through the subterranean caves of Dirou (where Flo almost got smashed by a run-amok boat); and visited Monemvasia, Ytheio and Sparti.

After Mike and Flo left, I went to Crete for 4 days and visited our cousins there for 5 days. Following are BUNCHES of photos highlighting our trip:

The Happy Trio in the Plaka

Florence was really good at helping me spend money!!

Stopped in Corinth to visit with Dean and Voula - and found Vaggeli and Kathy Karoubas there!!

The Ladies of Corinth

Next stop was Sparti where we added 3 to the 300 of Leonidas.

Yiayia went everywhere with us - including a visit to Pete and Helen Kakaletris in Mayoula.

Monemvasia was beautiful and we had a great time.

Light lunch in beautiful Ytheio.

Daredevil Michael at the breathtaking heights of the mountain village of Kosma.

A visit to Gramousa where we got to meet Katherine's Godchild Katerina (in back) and beautiful sister Georgia.

After Florence and Michael went back to the States, I went to Crete and spent some quality time with Barba Tito - seen here in front of his beach house in Hersonissos (peninsula).

But they're soooo tasty - don't try to stop me. The new addition to the George & Karin Stavroulakis family, Liana.

Proud Papa George, Uncle George and Liana.

Here is a great shot of the Pantelis and Virginia Stavroulakis family! Tennis star Katya(14) and impish Maira(9) - backed up by proud Papou, Tito.

Nara and Manoli Stavroulakis (parents of Teli and Sussana) enjoying my fun company.

I bid farewell to the Scaleta Hotel, owned and run by Panteli and Virginia and Virginia's parents. I will be coming back soon!

Back on the beach in Florida and getting some sun with Barbara.

Hey all you cousins out there, how about contributing to this blog. We want to hear what's going on with your families. Let's keep this blog going.


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Gorgeous pictures! it looks like you had a wonderful time.

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Ditto what "Brogato family" said !!