Friday, September 21, 2007

Greece 2007

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Greece and I want to share it with all of you. It was quite an adventure due to the fires that ravaged Greece and killed 70 people - as well as the excitement of national elections.

I met Yiayia at the airport in Athens and we went to Skala. From there I went to visit my Barba Tito and spent time with him at Hersonissos, Irakeion, Scaletta, and Chania. He was a great tour guide and showed me his vineyard and how to make wine. His sons, Pantelis and George, and their wives, Vergenia and Carin, were most hospitable and told me to tell you all that they await you in Crete next year!

I returned to Yitheio via ferry boat and it was a great 8 hour cruise! I stayed in Skala for a few days and then was picked up (he drove 3 hours each way) by my cousin Taki Karoubas and went to his home in Nafplio. I met his wife Smaragdi and their children, Lydia and Jason. I've got to tell you that Nafplio is gorgeous and I recommend that you all include it in any plans you have for Greece. I spent the night in near-by Tolo' and then was off to Athens. I visited our aunt Aphroditi and her daughters, Zoe and Aggeliki in the fastest 5 hours i"ve had in a long time!

I Loooove Greece but, like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home" - and no place like the U S of A.
Here I am at the "Breasts of Aphrodite" in Tolo'

Enjoying a fine cigar with Tito and his son Panteli

The view from Papou Tito's front yard in Hersonissos

Teaching me the fine art of wine making

Papou Tito and friend Gerassimos in Chania

Dramatic shot from Scaleta Hotel of Rethimnon Bay

Yiayia with dear friend, Helen Volakos in Skala


Nick Nikopoulos said...

Glad you enjoyed visiting Greece.
My dream is to move there and escape mundane North America.


Nick Nikopoulos

eleni tou paul said...

looks like you had a wonderful trip, i wish i was there with you!

Tula said...

Glad you had such a great time and were able to visit all the extended family, glad you weren't cooped up in Skala the whole time!
Welcome home :*

martie mancuso said...

Great pictures Uncle George! Oh how I'd LOVE to see some of those beautiful sights myself...someday (sigh)...

Telis Stavroulakis said...

Hi cousin George.I'm glad you enjoyed your permanence in Greece and specially in Crete , though I did not have enough time to see you(15 minutes are nothing).
But as you see I managed to find you all.From now on I will keep you posted about us, and I will have your news.