Friday, September 28, 2007

Helen Circa 1948 - 1949

I came across an old photo that Yiayia Eleni had in Greece and wondered if any of you had this one. Here's the original photo (unfortunately cutting out Yiayia Pauline Karoubas).

All right there family, who does this look like? I see Martha perhaps, what do you think? The Karoubases can see a lot of resemblance in Yiayia Pauline.

---By Uncle George


martie said...

Uncle George - I thought the same thing! I hope I get all the yiayia genes!!!

Tula said...

I just can't comprehend yiayia looking like that. If I saw that picture lying around, I wouldn't even know who it was. I know the eyes can give it away but to me yIayia has always looked how she looks now.

Brogato said...'s definitely your face. I thought that before I even scrolled down and read Uncle George's comment!