Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Michael's Senior Picture

Well...we saved the suit & tie picture for the yearbook and opted for the photo that reflects Michael in his true form. Hard to believe this is the end of HS before heading off to college, but ready or not, here it comes!

College applications are in at Illinois State, Bradley University, Northern Illinois, Ball State & Penn State. While I'll be thrilled at him being accepted at any of these universities, my wallet is hoping for Illinois State or Northern Illinois. Geez....can you believe the tuition prices? Ouch!

I hope he does well so I have a place to live when I'm old...which isn't that far off either :(


Anonymous said...

Can't believe he will be heading to college. What a hunk. God help the girls. Best of luck Mike, Love Auntie Barbara & Uncle George

Cheryl Prater said...

Any baseball scholarships in the works?

Look at those guns! woo!

kimberbopper said...

Oh my gosh, November 24th really does create beautiful people! I can't believe he is going off to College next year! Good Luck Michael!

Tula said...

Time really flies, I'm looking at Mike's mullet picture right now! Good luck with the college search! We just went to the MVCC College Fair with Angela tonight and I agree with you, my wallet is also hoping for ISU or NIU !!