Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reese & Connor Celebrate 12th Birthday

Barbara , Auntie Sharon and I made the long drive up to Atlanta to be with Mark, Cheryl, Reese and Connor to celebrate the twins' 12th birthday. We also had a surprise visitor in Aunt Nancy Brogato, who was in Atlanta for a Hotel show.

What a week-end it proved to be! We went to the boys' soccer match early on Saturday and their team romped to a 7 - 2 win. These guys mixed it up all through the game with all of us doing the cheering on the sidelines.

Then to cap off the great day, we all went to play WhirlyBall - sort of Lacrosse with Bumper Cars. Since there were only nine kids, we had to dig deep into our reserves to round out a 5 to 5 match and - Papou was the one. Oh, my neck- I tell you that they all targeted me and I got WHIPLASH ! I am suing.

After a 10 hour drive from sunny Florida, we arrive at the Prater's home.

These guys can run! Connor fights for the ball and Reese backs up to defend the goal.

Soccer Mom cheers from the sidelines.

Reese gives the "V" for victory sign and Connor says they won by 7 to 2.

All the kids had a great time playing WhirlyBall.

All in all, it was a great visit !

Next week, tune in for Zachary's 5th Birthday.

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martie said...

Wow...12 already? Geesh...where does the time go?

They look great and the party looked like loads of fun. I think your dad had as much fun (if not more) than the little guys!!