Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Party

Last night was my work Christmas party. I carefully planned my outfit, jewelry, hair, etc for weeks. Fifteen minutes before we were supposed to leave, Mark was standing in the closet drinking a beer in his skivvies. He threw something together and looked great.

The boys slept over at their buddy's house so no pix of them. It was a real date.

Thanks for the dress, Mom.


angella said... two make a really nice looking you didn't know that really, you two looked very nice and I hope you had a great time.."date night"..what's that?? Also, I need Tom's new address for Christmas card...please someone e mail it to me.

Tula said...

you sexy thing, you ;)

Dorie said...

Wow!! You both look fabulous! Beautiful dress Cheryl.


Brogato Family said...

What a handsome couple! You and Calvin Klein look gorgeous....

Anonymous said...

You looked stunning. I know where you got your looks. Also, you're welcome. I told you it was a beautiful dress.