Friday, December 14, 2007

Pepper Karounos

As you all may have heard, we had to put Gabby down in August. Like all pets, she was a valued member of our family.

That was in August, and the family was very sad. We will miss you Gabby! Enjoy the snow drifts in Heaven.

We decided to get a new pet for the Girls for their birthdays and for Christmas. This Sunday, 12/09/2007, we got to meet her for the first time, and it was love at first sight for all of us.

Please welcome Pepper to the Karounos' household!

She's Sassy, Yappy - and as you can see....very small (Almost 3lbs).

With only two speeds....Hyper and passed out, we are all enjoying our new baby.

Happy Holidays,

Tom, Dorie, Hollyn, Alexis, and Pepper


Cheryl Prater said...

pepper! Welcome. I think you are so cute, even tho I have eaten burritos bigger than you.

xxoxooxoxoxo Auntie Cher.

Cheryl Prater said...
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ange said...

Dorie she is too cute!!!! Welcome to the gang Pepper

angella said...

Too cute!!! Welcome to the gang little Pepper

Brogato Family said...

Oh how cute...the girls, the dog...I miss you guys. We can't seem to be at the same place at the same, can we? I guess I'll have to settle for seeing you guys via blog...