Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey Cuz'n's

Update: Meant to post this one too. This is the one that Conn commented about Jodi looking like me.

After our visit with everyone, I became homesick for my cousins, aunts, uncles, yiayia and Portillo's Italian Beef. I regret that my boys don't know you and you don't know them. We need to fix that. So as my first act in office after being elected President of our yet-to-be-planned and -scheduled reunion [nominated by Tula, seconded by John Chousi] I figured we need a blog.

A lot of you have been added to the author list and should have an invite in your inbox. If you don't have an invite email me and I'll add you to the list: I need email addresses for Jodi and Eric, Thanasi, and Michael Mancuso.

It's easy to post and this can be a great forum for keeping in touch, posting kids school pictures, and giving a shout out to eachother. For example:

Hey, Angela Pappas:

Bravo on your essay!

I'm so proud of you.

xoxox Auntie Cher

See how easy that was?

You can also post pictures, like this:

Tula, I don't think your hair looks THAT bad. I need Photox. (photoshop/botox)

Tesseres Elenes.

How did we make such good looking kids!?!

Please blog and keep us wayward Karounos-Kids (me, Kim, Tom, Eleni, Thanasi and our respective Xenos families) stay in the Big Fat Greek Chicago Loop. Endaxi?

Me filakia. Cheryl


angella stavrakis said...

Hey Cheryl Great idea!!!! I loved the photos. I hope all of you had a good time Sat....I DID! It was GREAT seeing everyone again.

GeorgiePorgie said...

great Idea! although I thought Tula's hair looked pretty bad.

Uncle george

Cheryl Prater said...

Jodi: Connor saw the picture of you and I sitting next to eachother and said, "Hey Mom, that lady kinda looks like you." Duh. We were twins before Reese and Conn were, right Jo? Except you don't look 40 or need Photox.

atca9100 said...

Great idea Cheryl! I'm so glad I nominated you as Madam President. What a wonderful way to keep in touch. I love almost all the photos !!!! love you, xo

Tula said...

Hey Angella,

We had a wonderful time at the Baptism! Have a good trip.

martie said...

Nice work Cheryl!

For all the cousins...you can reach Michael by cell phone at 708-912-1508 or by email at: east23@sbcglobal.net

It was great seeing everyone at the baptism and hopefully we'll see everyone again in June for Yiayia's birthday!!!

Tamra said...

I sencond Tula's nomination. This is great. Angella, thanks for a great time on Sat. I could not have had a better birthday, than with all of you. Love you all. Tamra

Cali said...

This is a great idea!
i know some of us kids keep in touch though myspace and facebook- but this is a great way to keep in touch with everyone!

Dorie said...

Thank you so much for the blog idea! What a great way to keep in touch. You know, sometimes I feel a little homesick for Chicago too.

Brogato said...

Hey niece...Michael, Sabrina and I are looking at all these beautiful pic's...of course Lena isn't ... she's still upstairs getting dolled up. Everyone looks so good....just as I remember them. And for the kids...all grown up...where did the time go?

angella said...

Hi everyone..hope all is well with all of you. If any of you took photos at the baptism please send me some. Our pics didn't turn out that good. e mail address