Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Papou's visit to California

Here are two pearls in a half shell, Hollyn and Alexis. Thank you Papou for visiting us way out here in California. We had a wonderful time!!

We love you,

Dorie, Tom, Hollyn and Alexis


Cheryl Prater said...

Hey Dor - the pic didn't post for some reason. Email it to me and I'll get it on there. Thanks for being the second poster!

Cheryl Prater said...

We'll see if the pix stix! Love you. So glad you posted!

Cheryl Prater said...

Tula: what do you think of Dad's hair? I heard the ratty look was out.

GeorgiePorgie said...

It was great being in California again and wonderful to spend time with my sweethearts, Hollyn and Alexis (oh, yeah - and Tom and Dorie).

Back in Florida at midnight last night and getting back in the groove today. Really sorry we missed the christening and 50th anniversary.


Tula said...

Hey Tom & Dorie,
Bet you're enjoying being on the West Coast. The girls are growing so fast!

p.s. Cheryl: Thumper ;)

Cheryl Prater said...

Huh? If I can't say anything nice.....I'll just blog it instead.

Tula said...

cheryl, you crack me up

Dorie said...


They are getting so big.

We are truly enjoying it out here, but we definitely feel isolated!

Tom and Dorie

Brogato said...

Tom and Dorie....your girls are so damn cute! A beautiful combo of both you.