Friday, August 3, 2007

Karamihas & Pappas - Florida Trip

Katherine came down to her condo in LightHouse Bay and was visited by The Pappas Pride and Karamihas Klan. Needless to say, a wonderful time was had by all with side trips to Tarpon Springs and Universal by the Karamihases and a visit to Busch Gardens by the Pappas contingent. The whole group went to Billie Swamp Seminole Reservation and took and Air Boat through the swamp then they all hopped onto a Swamp Buggy and took an eco-safari through the swamp and saw bison, water buffalo, ostrich, elk, panther, black bear - you get the picture! Lots of food and great Karounos hospitality from Uncle George and Aunt Barbara, visits to Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers Beach Pier capped off this first of many visits to Katherine's home in LightHouse Bay!!!

Beautiful Light House Bay

Pancakes at Auntie Barbaras. Georgie said
her pizza was the best he ever had!

Eleni & Strats at the Beach

Pappases hit the beach!

Our New Floridian - Katherine

The T-REX Attacks!!

At Billie Swamp Seminole Reservation

Air Boat Adventure

We're Lovin' it

Alligator Menace

Gator Man to the Rescue!

The Safari on the Swamp Buggy (our gang at the left)

C'mon in, the water's great

Loved Ft. Myers Pier !

Expert Grill Men
On the menu: Surf & Turf

Uncle George says: "When you comin' down ?!?"


Tula said...

Thanks Unk and Aunt Barbara,

We had such a wonderful time! You were great tour guides and we can't wait to come back down!
much love!

eleni tou paul said...

Uncle George and aunt Barbara your the best. Thanks for everything! You made our trip an adventure we'll never forget. Luv Eleni#2