Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paul's Visit

We were all very excited to have Paul visit from England the past two weeks. The cousins always have a good time together. We're hoping to see him again during Christmas!
Here is a poem that Paul wrote at school several years ago:

Love Is

To a child love is
an unsolved mystery naught about it known
To a lover love is
a roller coaster forever up and down

To an author love is
inspiration unblocking the flow of words
To a lover love is
a landscape with storns and sunlight bright

To an acolyte love is
his faith in which he believes with all his heart
To me love is
an experience that I will one day recognise

1 comment:

GeorgiePorgie said...

Move over Shelley, Keats, Byron and all the rest of you poets and make room for our Paul.

It was great seeing Paul when we were in Chicago last week.

Uncle George