Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yiayia's 90th Album

For whomever may be interested, there is a digital scrapbook of Yiayia's birthday party that also includes pictures of her trip to Vegas now available for purchase on line. Below are some of the pages so you can get an idea of what the book looks like. You can virtually flip through the whole thing at this link. Just click the arrow at the lower right corner of the book when you get to the web page --- it's just like paging through it.

I tried to include everyone using the pictures I took as well as those from Art, my dad, and Auntie Flo. The price of a book is about $55 which I know is not chicken feed, but it is bound with a linen cover and very nicely printed. It looks really professional. No guilt about putting them in an album - it's already done. (Dad - two copies are on their way to your house.)

I have done the boys' school year books through this service ( for two years running and have always been pleased with the results.

Love to all of you. xx Cheryl


Anonymous said...

Book looks great. Cann't wait to see the real thing. Love Mom

Tula said...

Awesome! Great job Cheryl!