Monday, October 27, 2008

Eleni and Soto's HALLOWEEN BASH!!!

"Johnny Depp"(baby Soto), "Dead Howie Mandel"(Eric) and "Charlie Brown"(Andy)

"Pig-n-Blanket"(small Tula), "Mental Patient"(Eleni), "Lucy"(Tula), "Pirate"(Me)

The YMCA dancers

"Lady Soto", Lucy, "Howard Stern"(Arty), and Mental patient......Dead "Deal or no Deal" Howie and his dead beauty....Thank you to Eleni and Soto we all had such a GREAT time at your Halloween party..hope you have another one next year!!!!


GeorgiePorgie said...

Too funny and clever. Love the costumes. Look like you had a great time. I think Stuart needs to find some Nair though. Tula
was a cute Lucy and Andy looked cute too. Helene probably went crazy for a good reason, but I'm glad Strati is there to take care of her. Only thing missing was Howard's buxom beauties. Love to all Auntie Barbara & Uncle George

GeorgiePorgie said...

Your mom wants to know who the Blond was sitting on the couch in one of the pictures. Also, she sends her love.

Tula said...

The blond was Soto's friend, she came with John Cavalone. She was Dr. Who for the evening.