Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fun Continued....

More pics from a night of food, fun and karaoke....and lots of punch !

Our "Hostess" and Hostess of the Evening.

Dr. Trelos and the Mental Patient

"Joker and Barbie" Petrakos

Teen Pirate and Punk Rocker

Dr. Trelos and Violet Incredible

Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt-Pappas

Elvis and Lady Elvis

Dandelion and her husband the Evil Clown face Dead Head Weird Guy (aka Master of Karaoke)

Cindy flew in on her broom from South Korea for the party!

"Michael" Soprano and devlish friend Joyce.


Dorie said...

WONDERFUL PARTY...we wish we were there!

GeorgiePorgie said...

Hey, is Dr. Trelos the doctor or the PATIENT. Love the name, Trelos.