Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boys will be Gouls

Reese is on the left, Conn by his side

Buddies John Cruz as Storm Trooper and Matt Lemons as Blue Demon

Unmasked. Way scarier.

Not like the Halloweens I recall - when we went trick or treating in snowsuits. Chandler St. John is the Grim Reaper/Executioner

This year marked the first annual Candy Trade. It is much like the trading floor at the NYSE, only more pressure. Tempers flared, there were winners and there were whiners. Over all, the candy market closed three points down due to rumors that someone was giving out Charleston Chews. We found out who it was and egged their house.

Sugar rush. Happy All Saints Day!
(Some candy strategically placed to protect Connor's identity. Ooops!)


Tula said...

Very creepy! Looks like they all had a blast.
I remember we would sort the candy by categories: suckers, chocolate, chewy, etc. My girls sort by wrapper color.

GeorgiePorgie said...

They were pretty scary. I sure miss being around the children for Halloween. Maybe next year.

Love Mom

Cuz T said...

They were scary, that is one reason why I do not like Halloween...I am a chicken

I can't believe how old they are now........