Saturday, November 10, 2007


First let me tell you that I got a "comment" on this blog from my cousin Telis in Irakleion, Crete, last week (Greece 2007 archive - if you're interested). That means that this site has gone international - so don't forget all of our family in Kriti when you're blogging. In fact, Papou Tito's sons, Pantelis and Giorgos may visit the USA in February.

Now to this post: After Pat and Katherine left, we didn't know what to do with ourselves so - we partied! Seriously, we had a great time with those two non-stop shoppers and now all of the "snow birds" are again descending on Florida. That means more people, more fun, and more traffic. Florence and Ted got down last Sunday and it's great to have them back. Now it's back to "business" - ie golf, shopping and parties. This Friday we went to the Elks' Friday Fish Fry and had some good food and good music.

The music was really good - for listening and dancing. You know what Barb and I were doing.

The "Thre Amigettes" - with apologies to Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short.

Friends Forever! South siders Hank & Laverne and Dick and Rosalie, Roy & Margaret- our dear friends from England, Ted & Flo and George and Barb at the Elks' Friday Night Dinner Dance. Welcome back everybody!

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Tula said...

Lucky you, the party never ends. Glad you're enjoying yourselves.