Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello from CHUCKY CHEESE!!!

Nouna and Dina say, "Cheese"
Mommy and Chris on the "mega truck"
round and round we go..
Who me????
Off to the races with mommy and "theo-nouno"

We had a great time at Chucky Cheese...hope you get a kick out of the photos. Thank you Nouna and Nouno for such a good time!!!
Love, Dina and Chris..Mommy too


Tula said...

love them!! the pics and kiddies. I wish I could have joined you guys, looks like the kids had a blast. xoxoxo

GeorgiePorgie said...

Hey, how come we weren't invited - we love Chucky Cheese.

George and Barb

angella said...

Wish you could've come too Tula with Ia of course. Hey Uncle George and Auntie Barbara...didn't you two get my invite??? Shame on you for not meeting us there..hehehe

Dorie said...

How cute! Your children are adorable. Chucky Cheese is by far one of my kids favorite places too.
Love to all,
Tom, Dorie, Hollyn and Alexis