Saturday, November 10, 2007

Telis in Kriti

Ooops, I forgot to post the photo of Telis and me on today's blog. Note that I'm standing on the high ground - he's about 6'-2".


Cynthia said...

George, George, George,
You are Truly Very, Very Sneaky what will I do with you? Thanks for the phone call. Well, since we are 1st cousins I guess I will have to keep you. LOL.
You will have to give Telis my e-mail address so I can send my regards to him or give me his.
( Stop Smiling ; ) You do take great pictures and keep us up to date with all our family. For that I thank you! Keep up the great work.
Smiling from ear to ear ; )
Your 1st Cuz, (who never visited in California)

Tula said...

Ya'Sou Teli !!

Anonymous said...

Yassou my dearest cousin George. is is really very nice to have this way of communication, which is not like the real think but close enough, so we can keep i touch!
give my e-mail to any one might want it.(that person already has it!!!)